Danish Maritime Authority Introduces Digital Applications

According to Danish Maritime Authority, from 13 May 2013, seafarers and shipowners are to apply digitally for certificates. This will make the application process easier. At the same time, user payment will be introduced for certificates of competency and certificates of qualification.

Easy and fast digital application process

The new digital application process will make it easier to apply for certificates, and, consequently, the time spent processing the application will be reduced in the longer term.


In the future, seafarers and shipowners must apply digitally for the following certificates:
• Discharge books (only for Danish citizens)
• Certificates of competency
• Certificates of qualification
• Certificates of recognition
• Safe manning documents
• Exemptions from safe manning documents

User payment
On the same date, user payment will be introduced for the issue and renewal of certificates of competency and certificates of qualification of DKK 500.00 per certificate.

Additional information about the digital application process and the new provisions on user payment is available here.

Reference & Image Credits: dma

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