Check in to IMO With Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) App

The DMA app has become more social – now it has become easy for you to network in the IMO by means of your cell phone, see who takes part in the meetings, and check in once you have arrived.

The DMA app has been provided with some new functions that make it easier to network with the other delegates at IMO meetings.

I have checked in

One of the new functions makes it possible to check in once you have arrived at the IMO building. You will receive a push message asking you to check in. Then, you write for how many days you will attend so that your IMO colleagues can see that you have checked in.


Send and receive messages

By means of the calendar function, it is possible to indicate that you take part in a meeting, and through one single click the meeting is registered in your calendar. It is possible for you to see who takes part in each individual meeting and who has already checked into the IMO building. Here, you can also send and receive messages. You can send messages to one or more participants if they have a profile.

Download the app

In addition to all these new functions, you will still get a full overview of the meetings and agendas of the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization, recent statistics and facts about the world’s maritime nations and recent Danish shipping news.


You can download the app for iOS and Android in:
Download the app for Android smartphones and tablets
Download the app for iPhone and iPad

The first time you open the app, you have to make a profile with your name, country and place of work. You can also add extra details such as a title and photo. Then, you will get full benefit from the app.

Reference & Image Credits: dma

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