Artwork Brightens Life Aboard The Triple-E vessels

At sea, the scenery can be beautiful or plain. Fortunately for the Triple-E crews, the inside of the vessel isn’t plain but decorated with a variety of colorful artwork.

“A ship without art would be very cold and colorless. Artwork brings the different rooms to life, gives them an identity,” Captain Jes Meinertz of Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller said in an email from the vessel.

In the accompanying photos, Captain Meinertz and his crew share some photos of themselves with various pieces of the Hans Christian Andersen themed collection aboard Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller.

The vessel curator

“On board a vessel if you are working in the engine room you rarely see daylight, and if you are on the bridge you will be looking at grey water all day,” says Erik Vad-Hansen, a former chief engineer, long-time art lover and the man charged with decorating the Triple-E ships.

selecting artwork for triple e

“I try to find something people will be happy to look at – something nice and bright,” he says, working in his office/studio in the basement of Maersk headquarters in Copenhagen.

Captain Meinertz confirms the importance of colour: “The rooms and the hallways are all white or sand colour, we need art with a lot of colour to break that up, to bring contrast.”

Fairytales and more

Each Triple-E will be decorated with up to 100 pieces of art at a cost of about USD 12,000-17,000 per vessel.

Among them will be paintings of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales by French painter Corneille and works from artists belonging to Northern European art clique Cobra (1948-51), an expressionist group whose name derives from Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller, in the mess

Works from Danish artist Ejler Bille, Canadian Jennifer Savell, a resident of Malmo, Sweden, and artists from the Faeroe Islands will also feature.

Besides the canteen and other common rooms, cabins for masters, chief engineers, chief mates and first engineers will also be decorated with oil paintings.

 Reference & Image Credits: worldslargestship

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  1. Nafsika Ioli Kontou says

    It was about time to make Seafarers feel like being home!
    The only argument rises up, is as for the cost of this move. Is quite high, isn’t?
    What about put some other recreational pieces too?

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