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Ship Navigation

ship navigationShip navigation is one of the most crucial tasks on ships. Deck officers and crew members involved with the important task of navigation have to consider several aspects in order to ensure safe maneuvering and passage of the ship. From operating navigation equipment to carrying of watch and preparing charts, deck officers have to be adept at what they do in order to ensure the safety of the ship and its crew.

A safe and smooth journey of a ship starts with properly understanding the Principles of Passage Planning, along with knowing the basics of ship navigation.


A general overview of the basics of ship navigation can be found below:

Mastering Ship Navigation – Part 1

Mastering Ship Navigation – Part 2

Mastering Ship Navigation – Part3

Mastering Ship Navigation – Part 4

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However, in order to master the navigation techniques, it is important to know and understand different types of types of Navigation Equipment and Resources Used Onboard Modern Ships.

Personnel working on bridge must also know answer to the following questions:

What is Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System (AMVER)?

What is Integrated Bridge System (IBS) on Ships?

What is Bridge Navigational Watch and Alarm System (BNWAS)?

What are Navigational Aids?

What is Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)?

What is Automatic Identification System (AIS)?

What is Vessel Monitoring System?

What is Vessel Tracking System?

Understanding ship navigation systems is not enough. It should be backed by the correct procedures of navigation watch practices.

A deck officer on deck must know:

Important Points Officer on Watch Must Consider While Handling Ship’s Radar

What are Primary Duties of Officer on Watch (OOW) on Ship’s Bridge?

What is Ship Routeing?

Different Entries to be Made in Bridge Log Book of the Ship

How to do Intentional Grounding or Beaching of a Ship?

Navigating a ship is not an easy task. There is no room for errors. A minor mistake can lead to disastrous accidents and fatal situations. As a deck officer, it is your duty to learn and understand every aspect of safe navigation of ships. It is only through experience and knowledge that one would gain skills to master the art of safe ship navigation.

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