Updates Of BIMCO’s Viewpoint On Topical Issues Now Available On The BIMCO Website

At a recent BIMCO Executive Committee and Board of Directors Meeting in Singapore end of April a number of new elements in BIMCO’s viewpoint and positions on topical and critical issues were agreed.


The main changes are as follows:

  • Regarding piracy the position has been updated to reflect the latest developments concerning the publication of BIMCO GUARDCON and the recommendation on the use of citadels is now more specific.
  • On the issue of Ballast Water Management the position has been updated to include the development regarding IMO guidelines and testing protocols in IMO, which will be critical for the practical implementation and to avoid undue delays for ships due to testing. Also the recent development in the US now heading for a de-factor ratification of the Ballast Water Convention has been included.
  • The position on MARPOL Annex V and Waste Reception Facilities has been updated regarding special areas and washing water and issues in relation to small developing island states.

  • BIMCO’s position on GHG and Market Based Measures (MBMs) has been revised and appears as a new text. In substance the BIMCO position has basically not changed but has been updated to reflect the latest developments. This includes the result in IMO on EEDI and SEEMP, such as future use. Furthermore, the position now clearly stresses that MBMs are not justified at this particular time.
  • The position on air pollution issues related to the future use of LNG including lack of infrastructure and technical solutions focused on the use of scrubbers has been added to the position and the discussion.
  • Regarding safe and efficient navigation the position now includes issues related to spatial planning such as future routing, which should only be used when absolute necessary.
  • The position on ship recycling now includes updates regarding the newly proposed EU Regulation on ship recycling. The proposed EU Regulation seeks early implementation of the Hong Kong Convention but includes stricter rules in some areas including future liability for owners.
  • A completely new position has been established on shoreside electricity addressing issues related to future use such as future ISO standard and charging in ports.

All the details of these positions are available from the below link.

These positions are developed by the Secretariat and are approved by BIMCO’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The publication of this reflects a wish to make our point of view more visible and clear to all our stakeholders.

Basically it is a short text summing up BIMCO’s viewpoint and position on issues considered of critical and topical relevance for our members. These points of view reflect the wide-ranging work that BIMCO is involved in regarding the international development of the mainly regulatory environment shipping operates in and also some commercial elements. The included topics reflect the current ongoing international agenda and topics may change depending on whether they continue to be of concern to our members.



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