“Safety Takes Me Home”: BOURBON Launches A Worldwide Participative Safety Campaign Onboard Its Entire Fleet

BOURBON is pleased to announce the launch of its worldwide internal safety awareness campaign “Safety Takes Me Home“.


Over the past years, BOURBON’s HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) level has proven to be amongst the highest in the offshore oil and gas industry. To maintain and continue increasing this level of operational performance, BOURBON has reorganized and standardized its safety management system through its Operational Safety Management program.

The “Safety Takes Me Home” campaign principles are simple and effective:

  • Reinforce the active participation of individuals; this is paramount in safety issues;
  • Reinforce group training programs by providing hands-on tools for use in safety meetings
  • Develop awareness through individual and collective familiarisation.

Available in BOURBON’s 4 operating languages (English, French, Portuguese and Spanish), the campaign is deployed on all BOURBON vessels and sites.
“Safety Takes Me Home” is a multi-year campaign with a different theme addressed each year. The first three themes to be addressed are:

  • Enclosed spaces
  • Hand injuries
  • Substance abuse

Safety is at the heart of our operations,” explains Chris Dixon, BOURBON Vice-President HSE. “BOURBON launched a worldwide ‘B Safe’ campaign a few years ago based on observation and behavior cards so as to emphasize the importance of safety awareness and to anticipate situations of risk. ’B Safe’ is now part of safety management in daily operations. Today, BOURBON understands that achieving excellence in safety requires commitment and awareness from our employees. This campaign will contribute to BOURBON reaching the objectives of our new Operational integrity and excellence Safety Management system (OSM).”

Safety at BOURBON is a genuine dedication to the health and safety of the women and men who work hard every day to serve BOURBON’s clients. Through the implementation of employee safety awareness initiatives such as the “Safety Takes Me Home” campaign, BOURBON increases knowledge and awareness in all safety issues and engages every single employee in adopting a responsible and proactive attitude toward personal safety, in line with its “zero incidents” objective.

More information on this “ Safety Takes Me Home” campaign.



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