Research Project On The Topic Of EEDI For Small General Cargo Vessels

Conoship, in close cooperation with MARIN, has been awarded the project “EEDI, Ontwikkeling van alternative CO2 index voor kleine handelsvaart schepen en short sea schepen” by Holland Shipbuilding Association.


As of the first of January 2013 new regulations come into force aiming at reducing CO2 emissions from ships. An important aspect is the energy efficiency design index, or EEDI. This index is a measure of the relationship between the CO2 a vessel produces and the benefit to society, expressed as deadweight times speed.

Previous research projects indicated problems for ships to comply with the new regulations. The findings show that a substantial part of General Cargo Vessels in the lower deadweight range will not meet the requirements.

The purpose of the work Conoship is assigned to is to find an explanation of the variation and, if any explanation can be found, make a proposal for a more fair calculation approach for small General Cargo Vessels by including alternative correction factors and/or additional reference lines.

By having a leading role in this research project, Conoship gains expertise in the field of EEDI regulation. With this expertise, Conoship is well able to optimise its future designs regarding the EEDI requirements.

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