India: Utilisation of Coastline Length For International Trade

The Union Minister of Shipping, Shri G.K. Vasan has informed the Lok Sabha today in a written reply to a question that India has a long coastline of about 7517 Kms. spread on the western and eastern shelves of the mainland and also along the islands.


The coast is being used for international trade though 12 major ports and about 51 non-major ports. The coast is also used for coastal shipping and landing of fishing trawlers. Ship building, ship repair, Marina and Inland water transport systems are also located on the coast. The international trade and sea transport has been continuously increasing over the past few years.

The Minister further stated that the Government is encouraging coastal shipping between the different ports on the coast by giving 40% concession on the vessel related charges and cargo related charges. Government has also identified 6 ports for developing passenger terminal for cruise shipping.



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