Baltic Sea States Focus On Maritime Safety & Security

A workshop in Helsinki on 15 May 2012 aims to identify the future challenges for maritime safety in the Baltic Sea Region.

More and larger vessels will pass the Baltic Sea in the years to come, and therefore it is important to address the challenges for maritime safety which will follow in the wake of the increased vessel traffic. At a workshop in Helsinki, co-organised by the Danish Maritime Authority, the Baltic Sea States will for the first time jointly develop scenarios for the maritime safety and security in the region.

Set the agenda for maritime safety

The joint challenges of the Baltic Sea States call for joint solutions. At the workshop, the Danish participants in cooperation with delegates from other countries are expected to table a number of issues relating to maritime safety. That could be improved surveillance or information exchange among the countries, which often require joint decisions. Another example is the ongoing development of new and safer technology on board the ships, which in due time will require new infrastructure on land across national borders. At the same time, the countries are not in favour of increased public budgets. If the countries should be able to afford it all, improved cooperation and perhaps a certain degree of burden sharing among the countries of the region should be discussed.

The Danish Maritime Authority organises the workshop in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland. Representatives of maritime authorities and organisations in the Baltic Sea Region have been invited to attend. The workshop should result in a report containing scenarios and recommendations, which is expected to be published in the autumn of 2012.  For further information about the workshop and the opportunities for attending, please contact Chief Adviser Bjarke W. Bøtcher (

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