A Brief Overview of Fire Control Plan on Ship

The Fire Control Plan is a mandatory requirement of SOLAS convention described in Regulation 15 of Chapter II. The fire control plan provides us information about fire station on each deck s, on various bulkheads, and in spaces enclosed by “A” class division, “B” class divisions. It also explains us the type of fire detection system and fire fighting systems available on ship.

Fire control plan tells us about various fire alarm systems, sprinkler installation, extinguishing appliances, means of escape to different compartments and decks, and ventilation system including particulars of remote operation of dampers and fans. The position of various dampers, their marking and which fan is for particular compartment or deck is also explained so that required damper and fans can be closed in case of fire.

Also with the permission of Administration i.e classification society, the details can be set out in the form of booklet and a copy of it shall be supplied to each officer onboard. One copy of the same should be available on board and be easily accessible. These plans should be kept up to date and if alterations are made shall be recorded as soon as possible. The fire plan should be available in the working language of the crew on board and also in English.

Where Fire Control Plan can be found on ship?

The general arrangement plan should be permanently exhibited for the guidance of ship officer in conspicuous locations like navigating bridge, engine room and accomodation.

A copy of Fire Control Plan should be permanently stored in prominently marked weathertight enclosures outside deckhouse for assistance of shore side fire fighting system in case the ship is in port or in dry-dock.

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    I wanted to know is there a particular reason why A or B class bulkheads are given in Fire control plan, what is the significance of marking bulkheads in the plan??

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