What are Hydrofoil Boats?

Hydrofoil boats incorporating the use of hydrofoil to help them propel much faster on the water are an attraction that has held the shipping industry for quite some time now. But it has to be noted that these hydrofoil boats are by no means a latest designing. They were created by A. G. Bell and Casey Baldwin in 1908 and were used extensively during the First World War by American troops to avoid the waters which were trapped by mines.

How do they work?

In modern times, however, these hydrofoil boats are gaining more momentum on account of them being faster and speedier on the waters. A hydrofoil boat works on very simple terms. The hydrofoil based on the base of the boat allows the boat to move easily through the waters and ensures that the body of the boat – which in marine terms is referred to as the hull – does not come in any contact with the water.

Credits: ArnoWinter/wikipedia.org

Credits: ArnoWinter/wikipedia.org

Also, since the hydrofoil works only if the boat is still on the surface of the water, it prevents the boat from rising out of the water and from causing the boat to capsize. And if by any chance, a hydrofoil boat manages to come out of the water, its designing will force the hull of the boat to crash back into the water and the hydrofoil gets submerged till adequate thrust is generated for the hydrofoil to lift the boat and carry on.

Where are they Used?

These hydrofoil boats are mostly used for fishing but given the speed factor, these hydrofoil boats can be used for a multitude of purposes in the days to come. As cargo carriers, they can help to transport heavy materials across the ocean in a matter of days and weeks thereby helping to solve the problem of cargo getting delayed while reaching its intended destination.
Also since hydrofoil forms the main engineering behind the propelling of the hydrofoil boat, even marine creatures can escape the inadvertent attack that they face when encountered with a cargo liner in the deep ocean.

Important Points

It however has to be noted that the hydrofoil that is used in the hydrofoil boats consist of much smaller foils than the foils on a hydroplane. The density of water is much higher than the density of air, because of which not much pressure is needed on the hydrofoils to maneuver the boat on the surface of the water thus explaining the reason about the foils in the hydrofoil of the hydrofoil boat being small.


Just like yachts which have revolutionized the shipping and the boating industry to a great level, the hydrofoil boats are also capable of doing something equally great. Right now the usage of a hydrofoil boat is not much but given the benefits and the efficiency of such boats, it is quite possible that more and more parties will take to boats involving the use of hydrofoil as a successful alternative to the existing ones.

These hydrofoil boats are compact and unlike several other items which have lots of restrictions imposed on them because of their compactness, they are free of any encumbrances, making them even lucrative from the point of view of any current and potential boat-owner.

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