Tugboat Edward J Moran: One of the Most Powerful Tugboats in the World

Operated by the Moran conglomerate, the Edward J Moran is a tugboat regarded to be amongst the world’s most powerful tugboats existing in operation today. Built in the year 2006 by the Washburn & Doughty Associates Inc., the tugboat is currently under operation in the River Savannah near the Georgian Coast and is responsible for the schlepping of the gigantic LNG tanker vessels in this area.

Considering that these tankers require a very delicate maneuvering through the port channels, shipping conglomerates across the world are coming with tugboat innovations that help the towing of these vessels appropriately without any damages caused whatsoever.

The Edward J Moran has a power generating capacitance of 6,500 HP (horse power), which is nearly double than the power generated by other routinely used tug vessels. With a maximum speed capacitance of 14 knots, the vessel is indeed unique for it can be manoeuvred both backwards and frontwards at maximum speed in spilt seconds, in case the need arises.

This feature of the vessel is made possible because of its unique engineering. The tug vessel has two pivoting fan-like contraptions, which are located right below its hull. These contraptions can carry out a full 360 degree revolution, enabling the tugboat to change directions without losing speed, as and when required.

However the most important feature of the tugboat is its inbuilt fire-fighting equipment. The tugboat has been fitted with pumps which in the event of a fire breaking out, suck water and spray them through a dyad of nozzles at the rate of over 11,000 gallons per minute.

Key features of Edward J Moran Tugboat:

Swivelling Twin Propellers: Z-drive twin screw propellers rotate 360 degrees, which enables the tugboat to go from 14 knots to zero within seconds.

Engine: The Tugboat has Twin 12 cylinder diesel engine which generates an amazing 6500 hp.

The Winch: The winch alone can generate 100 hp which is enough to pull the tugboat even when the engine is full astern.

Fire Suppressing System: Has twin 900 hp pumps that pump water through 12 inch risers and shoots it with a pair of 360 degree nozzle which can be controlled remotely from the pilothouse. It can produce a flow rate of 11,800 gallons of water per minute.

The Edward J Moran is a tugboat worth admiring and appreciating. In the over five years of its operation, the tugboat has more than successfully fulfilled its designated purpose in the chain of affairs of the international LNG tankers’ transportation.

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Image Credits: tugboatinformation, flickr 

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