Video: The Mobile Harbour Concept Can Revolutionize Port Operations

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has unveiled a mobile harbour concept for container ships that can not only solve several problems pertaining to port operation but can also increase the overall trade at ports around the world.

Problems of ship traffic congestion at ports are becoming a common problem around the world. Either container ships have to wait for several hours to get its “berthing time” or cannot enter the port due to length and draft problems. The mobile harbour concept, when brought to reality, will be a one-stop-solution for all these problems.

According to the engineers behind the project, now the ship would not come to the harbour but the harbour would go to ship anchored near the port. The mobile harbour would not only have all the facilities of a port such as gantry cranes and loading and unloading facilities but also work will a unique technology to make the cargo operation faster and efficient.

Check out the video to find out how the concept works and how it can change several problems related to port operations.

Watch the Video on YouTube

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