6 Chilling Ship Accident Videos

The marine world has seen some serious ship collision occurring in the past without any precedence. Recorded and posted by viewers and others in the vicinity, these ship accident videos create a flutter not just among the marine community and but also in others disassociated with the industry completely. As technology has quite advanced, it has become possible to shoot events as they are happening and post it immediately on video sites, which accentuates the allure of the videos further.

Mentioned below are few such ship collision videos and their details which are unusual and extremely spine-chilling at the same time:

1) MV Fedra Broken into Two Pieces: MV Fedra, a bulk-cargo carrier, ran aground and was smashed against Europe Point, the southernmost tip of Gibraltar on 10th October 2008. Forceful winds smashed the ship on the rocks, cutting the superstructure from the hull of the aft section. All the 31 crew members were saved but the ship was destroyed beyond repairs.

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Check out what happened to the ship after the storm.

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2) Grand Rodosi Crushes Apollo S: A grain carrier, the Grand Rodosi collided against the Apollo, a tuna fishing vessel while being towed to Port Lincoln by two tug vessels. The impact of the ship collision was such that the Apollo sank within minutes after being rammed. The video shows Apollo S smashed from the centre like a can.

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3) Small Ship vs. Yacht: A ship and a yacht both at high speeds rammed into each other creating one of the most horrifying scenes at the sea. Though we don’t have much information on the accident, this collision is worth watching for sheer stupidity of the people of both the vessels.

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4) Maneouvering Gone Terribly Wrong: This is what happens when manoeuvring at ports go haywire. The container ship almost crushes the tug against the port. If you directly want to skip to the real action, go to 4:30.

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5) Wec Van Ruysdael Collision during River Crossing:  Wec Van Ruysdael, a container vessel collided with Paula, a cargo vessel near the Moerdjik coast in the Netherlands, in the year 2010. Both the vessels suffered extensive impact on their stern side, though both the vessels were successfully repaired in the following days.

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6) Horrifying Cape Beaver Collision with Fishing Vessel: In the year 1980, in the coast of Nova Scotia a horrifying ship accident occurred which is still remembered by many. Margaret Jane, a fishing vessel was rammed and sunk when Cape Beaver, a vessel ferrying important personnel dashed against it on account of the extremely foggy weather condition. The television crew of NBC who were aboard the Beaver, shot the entire footage of the Jane breaking into pieces and sinking into the depths of the water. It is said that 4 men lost their lives in this maritime accident.

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These ship accident videos are proof that in the wide oceanic ambience, anything could happen. Whether caused by nature or due to personnel negligence, ship accidents are not events that can be taken lightly. Through these ship collision videos, one can only observe what went wrong and possibly make sure that such accidents are avoided – if it is within one’s means to avoid them.

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