Top 10 Battleships From The Past

Battleships have been an important part of every war. Even before they came with strong armors and precision guns, a side’s strength in their battleships always determined chances of victory. Over the time, world has seen some of the greatest battleships. Truly astounding, these ships are a class of their own and hence are considered the top battleships in history.

We bring to you top 10 battleships from maritime history. Read on to find out more.

battleship 1.       Iowa Class Battleship

The greatest battleship in the history flaunts a displacement of 48,110 tons and astounding dimensions of 887X108X38 feet. It could fit in a crew of 2900 during wartime and reach a speed of 33+ knots. Its weapon entourage included 3 triple 16/50, 10 dual 5/38, 19 quad 40 mm and 52 single 20mm. it was part of both WWI and WWII until it was decommissioned finally in 1991.


2.       Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier

A huge ship, it had a length of 1,092 ft and displacement of 104,000 tons. It could reach a speed of 30 knots powered by nuclear reactors. With a 2.5 inch thick armor, 16- 24 sea sparrow missiles and rolling airframe missiles, it became one of the strongest battleships of its time. It had a capacity of carrying up to 90 helicopters at a given time. It was commissioned in 1975.


3.       Queen Elizabeth Class

The British battleship commissioned in 1915, it was a giant opponent for British enemies standing at 634 feet length. It had a total displacement of 27,500 tons, eight 42 inch guns, four submerged torpedo tubes, four saluting guns and two 3 inch anti-aircraft guns. It had 13 inch armor with a thicker belt that provided greater protection. It fought the Battle of Jutland in WWI against the German battle cruiser. The lesser modernized of the fleet were not so lucky in WWII but ships like Warspite made their presence felt at Battle of Calabria against Italian battleships.


4.       Ticonderoga Class Missile Cruiser

Fourth among the top battleships is a 567 feet long missile cruiser with a total displacement of 9,600 long tons. It could reach a speed of 32.5 knots and had a range of up to 11,000 km. This gem in the US navy has fought important battles ever since it was commissioned in 1983. With two missile launchers, two lightweight guns, 2 triple torpedo tubes and eight harpoon missiles, this cruiser has no match.


5.       Fletcher Class Destroyer

In WWII, US navy brought forth its Fletcher class destroyer that was exactly what its name said. In 1941 376 feet destroyer was launched with a displacement of 2050 tons and speed of 36.5 knots. It was armed with 5 inch caliber guns, gun fire control system, seven oerlikon cannons and ten torpedo tubes all of which together gave it a range of 5500 miles in the battle. These ships were exceptionally lethal for the US enemies with its much better anti aircraft ability.


6.       North Carolina Class Battleship

Sixth of the deadliest battleships in history of war is the North Carolina class with 45 caliber Mark 6 guns, twelve 38 caliber Mark 12 guns, 12inch thick armor and many other smaller weapons that made her invincible and a deadly competition for all its opponents. It could reach a top speed of 28 knots- a feature highly desired by the US navy at that time. It remained in service from 1941- 1947.


7.       Bismarck Class Battleship

In 1942, a pair of battleships was launched by the German navy that went on to become one of the top battleships in history of war. These battleships were armed with four SR 10 missiles, eight 38 cm SK C/34 guns and twelve 15cm SK C/28 guns, over a ship length of 241 m. the ship could reach a top speed of 30 knots and could bear a crew of up to 1960 members. Ships of this class were mainly missile carriers, built in September 1940. They found their moment of glory in Battle of the Denmark Strait when British biggie HMS Hood was destroyed at hands of Bismarck and Tirpitz fought against the British ships. Both ships were lost during the course of war.


8.       Essex Aircraft Carrier

Commissioned in 1941, Essex aircraft carrier was much more than its name. An 820 ft battleship, it was armed with 38 inch caliber guns and Bofors cannons. It could carry up to 100 aircrafts at a given time. They formed the prime armament of this battleship. A total of 24 ships were launched in the fleet that became a part of many battles like Battle of Midway, Battle of Coral Sea and Battle of Santa Cruz Islands. All of the 24 ships have retired now.


9.       Deutschland Class Pocket Battleship

With a 16,200 tons displacement, 56, 800 HP propulsion and top speed of 26 knots, the pocket battleship was German gem.  It flaunted 5inch armor, 6 eleven inch guns and could accommodate a 1100 member crew. In May 1931, Germany launched its new ship which proved to be a war winner for them. By 1934, two more ships of this class were launched. It used diesel engines and an electrically engineered haul that gave it its lighter quality and greater speed. Her principle role was to attack merchant shipping. On Dec 13, 1939, three British cruisers cornered this ship and damaged three of the entire fleet.


10.   HMS Hood Battle Cruiser 

A member of the Royal navy, this battle ship was 860 ft long with a total displacement of over 46,680 long tons. It could reach a top speed of 31 knots. It was armed with four anti aircraft guns, torpedo tubes, four 15 inch MK I guns, machine guns and AA guns. It had 12 inch thick armor. It remained a nightmare for all British enemies until it was finally destroyed in 1941.


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