Top 12 Coolest Personal Submarines

Submarines and underwater vessels aren’t generally found in the listing of personal collectible items. However there are certain noteworthy exceptions to this trait. Exceptions that have not only re-defined the boundaries of submersible vessels, but have also reshaped the potential experiences of a sub-aquatic tour that people can enjoy. Personal submarines as they are famously known have enabled people to explore the  depths of the marine world.

Quite a few of these submersible vessels are privately owned by well-known socialites and marine sports enthusiasts. However some engineering companies have come up with awe-inspiring submarine models that can be acquired by interested people, even other than such high profile individuals. Details of such elite personal submarine models can be highlighted as follows:

1. Necker Nymph: The pride of multimillionaire Richard Branson, the Necker Nymph is a peerless wonder in its class. The personal submersible offers operational speed up to six knots and can accommodate three people with an underwater diving range of around 30 feet.

Necker Nymph

The Necker Nymph personal submarine is available for charter thus providing an underwater experience matching its unique name. Know more about Necker Nymph here.

2. Spy Master: A one-person submersible, the Spy Master costs around £12,000. Its usage is varied right from providing a sub-water nature excursion to technical inspection of ships.

Spy Master Mini Submarine

The Spy Master can go down to about 12 meters underwater at a speed of almost two knots. Know more about the personal submarine here. 

3. U-Boat Submarines: A generic brand name, the U-boat submersibles feature an array of high-powered personal submarine marvels.

U-Boat Submarines

Each of the U-boat submarine collection provides an amazing underwater depth of at least 100 meters and state-of-the-art technological equipment. Know more here.

4. The SportSub Collection: The SportSub collection features number of personal submarines, each with its own technical singularity and highlights.

The SportSub Collection

The costliest personal submarine in the SportSub collection is priced over US$ 5, 00,000 while the cheapest is priced at around US$ 30,000. Know more about sportsub personal submarine.

5. Phoenix 1000: Arguably the world’s largest personal submarine to have ever been built, the Phoenix 1000 is a lavish and opulent submersible.

Phoenix 1000

It comes equipped with innumerable technical features, each making it a standalone submersible to have ever been engineered. Know more about this extravagant personal submarine here. 

6. EGO Compact: Yet another brand name, EGO Compact boasts of several models of personal semi-submarine vessels. Each semi-submarine model allows the user to explore the novelties of the various maritime flora and fauna whilst keep them at bay from the more dangerous marine life.

EGO Compact Semi Submarine

The designing of each EGO Compact vessel is sleek, which further distinguishes the vessels. Know more about EGO Submarines.

7. Killer Whale Submersible: At the first glance, this submarine looks like a real-life killer whale. The construction of the vessel is thus as the focal point of this submarine as it allows the vessel to perform maneuver just as a killer whale mammal would.

Killer Whale Submersible

Priced at US$ 1, 00,000 the vessel comes equipped with cutting edge technological gadgets, each enriching the vessel’s viability and singularity. Know more about killer whale personal submarine.

8. Triton Personal Submarines: Triton prides itself on the fleet of personalized submarines that combine underwater recreation with a superb display of technological empowerment.


Each personal submarine of the Triton has an underwater diving range of at least over 1000 meters with a maximum diving range touching over 10,000 meters. Know more about the personal submarine here. 

9. VAS Submarine: Equipped with entertainment facilities, the VAS submarine is one of the costliest personal submersibles available.

VAS Submarine

The submarine has been equipped with several hi-tech instrumentation that substantially enhance its operational work-ability. Know more about the personal submarine here. 

10. Scubster: A pocket-sized submarine (not technically), the Scubster has been designed primarily to aid various underwater researching activities.


The vessel offer incredibly high speeds which make it even more practical to be used. Know more about Scubster.

11. Seabreacher X: This submarine model has been specifically outfitted with high-powered engine systems to enable it with better propulsion while underwater. The vessel’s construction also underlines its streamlined torso which allows for more skillful maneuvering while it is under operation.

Seabreacher X

Other technical features include equipping of music systems, GPS system and camcorder systems to allow for better technological connectivity. Read more about this amazing personal submarine. 

12. DeepFlight Super Falcon: Developed by veteran maritime engineer Graham Hawkes, the DeepFlight submarine vessel comes with special flanks to aid in its underwater operations better.

DeepFlight Super Falcon

The vessel offers speeds up to six knots and can penetrate into the most inaccessible and deepest regions in the seas. Know more about Deep Falcon personal submarine here. 

Do you know any other personal submarine which we haven’t mentioned?

Image Credits: seabreacher, deepflight, bornrich, gizmag, tritonsubs, hammacher, neckerbelle, likecool

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