Raw Video: Ship Launches and Crashes Into Building On the Other Side

Launching of the ship Starnav Regulus goes horribly wrong after tug boats fail to slow its progression. The ship eventually crashes into a building on the other side of the river.

We do not have any more details on the ship launch video. From the information provided online, it seems that the ship is a Brazilian Offshore Support Vessel.

ship launch fail

Watch the video:

Watch the Video on YouTube

Note: We cannot confirm the validity of facts and details of the accident. If you know more about this, kindly do let us know.

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  1. Paulo Cesar Teixeira says

    The Lauching was in Santa Catarina , State onte South of Brazil, on Itajaí River. Detrit Shipyard
    The longitudinal launching suppose to be decreased by a cable which broke leaving the vessel to run free. I wasn’t there but by the dialog of the tug’s crew describing the accident we can reach this conclusion.
    Paulo Cesar Teixeira
    Naval Architect

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