INS Satpura: The Indigenous Shivalik Class Stealth Frigate of Indian Navy

INS Satpura is an indigenous Shivalik Class Stealth frigate of the Indian Navy. The second ship under the Project 17 program, the ship has been built in the Mazagon dock of Mumbai, India. The ship was delivered to the Indian Navy on 9th July 2011 and was commissioned on 20th August 2011.

INS Satpura is armed with long range anti-ship missile system, anti-air craft missile system, and missile defense system. The ship has the capacity to engage itself in three dimensional warfare – on surface, air, and sub surface levels.

The first in the range of Shivalik Class Ships was INS Shivalik, whereas the third one, INS Sahyadri, is in the final stages of construction at the Mazagon Dock.

Image Credit: facenfacts

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