What is Equasis Shipping Database?

Equasis is an online database which helps in promoting exchange of information and transparency in the shipping industry. As a massive information system it provides details about the performance of ships, maritime organizations, and maritime transport companies from both public and private sources.


Equasis thus not only increases transparency in the shipping field but also provides scattered and difficult to access information at one place.

Equasis is a non profit initiation which was formed by the European commission and the French Maritime Association to promote exchange of unbiased information. It was launched in the year 1997.


Main goals of Equasis

The main reasons behind setting up a system like Equasis were:

  • To reduce sub standard shipping by providing safety related information on ships
  • To form a non commercial system that can be used by people all over the world
  • To make an international database covering the whole world fleet
  • To seek active cooperation from all maritime authorities around the world
  • To collect and disseminate quality and safety related information regarding world’s merchant fleet at one place
  • To provide both accurate ship characteristics and ship management information
  • To provide information on maritime transport companies

Though France and European commission mainly chares the cost of developing and running Equasis, financial support is also provided by maritime authorities of United Kingdom, Spain, Singapore, and Japan.

Visit Equasis Shipping Database Here



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