Top 8 Restaurants made from Shipping Containers

Good dining experience is something everyone looks forward to all the time. But if you could combine creativity with food, that would make a great combination. Shipping container restaurants follow the same idea. Old or out of use shipping containers are finding place in daily lives of people, especially through their culinary desires.



The shipping container designs are fresh, new and something to look forward to. Here is a list of some of the top shipping container restaurants that have been making the news.

1.  SnackBox, Times Square, New York

Probably one of the most famous examples of beautiful shipping containers that make room for a restaurant would be the SnackBox in New York’s Time Square.

This black striped container has been converted into a mobile food vending outlet that serves everything from snack to hotdogs to coffee. The place has enough room to spare for all the necessary equipment and staff. The hybrid energy sources make it self sufficient to provide good food in innovative way.

2.  MuvBox, Montreal

Montreal’s Old port will offer you lots of things amongst which the one that would catch your eye the most would be the bright red shipping container restaurant. A solar powered reused shipping container restaurant that features everything from lobster to old fashioned canteen food, it’s a mobile heaven.

The best thing about this design is that it is unique, new and environmental friendly. The MuvBox changes back to an innocuous looking shipping container at closing time and springs back to life the next day. And if those are not enough reasons to sit and notice this place, try out its food sometime.

3.  Subway, Freedom Tower, New York

Subway would be common choice for lunch for many people. But it becomes even more exciting when you get your sub from a hydraulically supporting subway place that is made inside a shipping container. As a means to provide easy access to food to workers working on the Freedom Tower, New York, nine reused shipping containers have been converted into the eatery.

The best thing about it is that these containers will be hydraulically supported to stay at the same level as the floor the workers are working on. The place will be complete with an eating area, refrigerated section, a composting area and every food item available on ground. Even the containers’ been painted in bright subway colors for authentic feel.

4.  Singapore Takeout, London

In a bid to provide authentic food from Singapore to entire world, the International Enterprise came up with idea of Singapore Takeout- a mobile restaurant that has been made inside a shipping container.

The container is a complete restaurant with all the kitchen equipment and food items to serve to culinary requirements of its customers. This restaurant intends to travel to nine cities, across the globe. And that has been possible because of the renewable shipping container that provides it mobility and utility both.

5. Les Grandes Tables, Seguin Islands, Paris

Redefining renewable shipping containers, the Les Grandes Tables in Seguin Islands, Paris is a breath of fresh air, quite literally.

The restaurant has been made out of reused shipping containers with a glass frame around it. The glass roof and timber frame around the container can be opened to let in fresh air, sunshine and aroma of fresh vegetables growing in the 1,000 square foot patch around the container. It is one place to enjoy good food, in an unconventional and unique style.

6. Froebe, Austria

Renewable shipping containers never looked more justified before the ‘shiny’ food outlet in Austria came into existence.

The shipping containers design is simple yet chic with the golden pain on the outside and a simple ambience on the inside that makes for a complete culinary experience. And if the food didn’t get your heart racing enough, the blitz and aesthetic appeal of the place surely would. And you’d wonder if it really was a shipping container you just bought your food from.

7.  Beitang Container Restaurant, Tianjin, China

Located in Tianjin, China is a heaven of sea food. But this heaven comes with a slight twist- it is set inside reused shipping containers. This place holds a number of such restaurants that have been converted into restaurants, making it a hub for all those who enjoy seafood.

Their sight still speaks of their marine relation as the shipping containers designs have not been tampered with much. A glass front has been added to the openings along with joining two or more containers in some places to give extra room and better aesthetic appeal. But the true appeal of this place lies in their rustic marine connection.

8.  Container Café, Milton Keynes, U.K.

Don’t be surprised if walking down a lane in Milton Keynes, U.K. you comes across someone buying a coffee out of a shipping container. It’s probably just the Container Café.

Designed by Richard Woods for 40th anniversary celebrations of the city, beautiful shipping container has been converted into a restaurant cum coffee place. Its main attraction would be the original bright green color of the container peeking from sides and the hand painted doors that resemble timber and of course, the food.


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