Top 4 Social Networking Websites For Seafarers

There are quite a few social networking websites that are in vogue presently. However these websites are majorly general in nature and don’t as such pertain to a particular industry or sector at large. While specific forums and groups can be formed within these websites, it is always preferable to have one particular social networking website that caters to one domain wholly.

The maritime sector has its share of social networking websites for seafarers that provide quite a practicable online hub for professionals working in the industry. These social networking sites generate greater deal of involvement within the maritime sector allowing for better interaction among seafarers and like-minded individuals across the globe.

Mentioned below are four such specific social networking websites that cater to the core maritime domain entirely:

1. Crew too: Primarily an informal social networking website, Crew too serves an important purpose of allowing interactions between maritime professionals working across the world. Their experiences and anecdotes pepper the conversation happening in the website which also provides understanding of the various nuances of the seafaring domain. The look of the website is catchy and totally fresh which has added to its appeal following its initial inception.


2. My Ship: My Ship is a social networking website for seafarers which also includes career specific aspects of the seafaring domain. It’s interactive interface allows for informal dispersion of necessary information thereby allowing for stronger rapports to be built within the seafaring sector. As mentioned, it also has a job section which features latest job opportunities from the maritime world.

my ship

3. Sea Folks: As the name suggests, Sea Folks is a maritime social networking website for seafarers which provides connectivity across all kinds of maritime realms. Alumnae and professionals can band together while interested people can avail of interesting know-how of the versatile marine domain. Web blogs and forums form an intrinsic part of Sea Folks which is one of the famous social networking websites for seafarers.



4. About CrewThis is an all-in-all web portal rolled into one. About Crew, allows maritime professionals to be in touch with the outside world along with offering elaborate connectivity within the global seafaring community. The website is quite detailed providing viewers with the latest news updates and information pertaining to the maritime sector. The engaging look and feel of the homepage also accounts for a viewer being absolutely captivated by the website.


Do you know any other social networking websites for seafarers that should have been added in this list?

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  1. karri.durga ram prasad says

    i am 5th engineer worked in gulf of eden shipping company for 3months 10day,plz help me with this litle experience is their any possibility for applying in someother company

  2. Su Yin says

    Hi all,

    Try out this new social networking site for professionals (Sea farers and shore side)

    It’s new and still in its initial launch stages but we think it has lots of potential!

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