MV Logos Ship: The World’s Largest Floating Book Store-Cum-Library

For people interested in books, there is a special type of library that caters to their needs of book- reading recreation. The Logos Hope, the world’s largest floating book store-cum-library is a ship owned by the German shipping company GBA Ships e.V. which operates its fleet for specific charity purposes.

The ship was first launched in the year 1973 as a ferry car service under the name Gustav Vasa and operated between the Swedish city of Malmo and the German province, Travemunde. After plying its service in this route – which later included even Denmark – for a course of 10 years, the ship was sold to Smyril Line, a Faroe Island shipping company in 1983. Renamed as Norrona, the ship was sold to its present owners in 2004, March and subsequently renamed as the Logos Hope.

Credits: VollwertBIT/

Credits: VollwertBIT/


The ship underwent extensive architectural renovations in order to render it thorough for its designated purpose. Between 2005 and 2008, additional decks were appended, the engine system was re-modernised and many other areas which were felt as requiring considerable attention were attended to. The MV Logos Hope was finally put into active operation as a floating book store and library in February 2009.

MV Logos Hope Technical Details

  • The ship is registered to the Port of Registry of the Scandinavian Faroe Islands
  • The ship’s gross weight tonnage is 12,519 tons while its dead weight tonnage is 6,400 tons
  • It has a crew of around 400 members hailing from 45 countries across the world. The members of the MV Logos ship crew voluntarily contribute their time and service to the book library
  • Lengthwise the ship measures 132.50 metres, breadth wise 21.06 metres and draught wise 5.22 metres
  • The overall book carrying capacity of the library is around 1100 cubic metres

Features of the Book Library

  • Logos Hope ship has over 6000 books in its collection which can be purchased by people
  • These 6000 books include books for recreational reading, professional references, personality and individual development and books talking about different global cultures
  • Along with being a book library and store, the Logos Hope also contributes by helping to build houses and donating essential provisions to the many under-privileged countries where it makes a port call
  • The MV Logos ship has in its seven years of existence visited around 158 countries and has till now benefited over 40 million people

Apart from the Logos Hope, the GBA shipping company also had three other ships operating as book libraries.

  • The MV Doulos – bought in the year 1977 was sold after being in operation for over 21 years in 2010
  • The Logos II – this ship immediately preceded the MV Logos. It was bought in the year 1988 and sold in 2008, thereby completing 20 years of service as a premier floating book library
  • The Logos – the first ship to be operated by the charity shipping company, she began operations in 1970 and plied her library service for over 17 years.

In her 18th year of service, the ship encountered rough weather conditions in the South American waters of Tierra del Fuego and was unable to be pulled through. However the most noteworthy aspect of this incident is that not a single crew member died in this unfortunate accident.

With the help of book charity services like the MV Logos Hope, disadvantaged people across the world get a glimpse of the term education. More such charity services are required to make an even more substantial contribution in this endeavour, which hopefully will come up soon in the days and years to come.

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