Exbury Egg – The Egg Shaped Floating Office

The Exbury Egg is the name given to a unique marine residential model that has been specially built to carry out observations about the maritime ecology. The Egg was built by a team of designing collaborators namely PAD (Perring Architecture and Design), SPUD Designing Studio and the world renowned creative personality Stephen Turner.

The architectural designing of the Egg was provided by the famous marine architect Stephen Payne, who provided the designing specifications of the cruise liner Queen Mary II.

Located in the estuarine of the River Beaulieu, Stephen Turner will attempt to conduct detailed analyses about the impacts of the changing weather seasons on the lifecycle of the various maritime living organisms. Through this study, Turner is also expected to analyse the various means possible for human colonies to develop and sustain in such oceanic environment.


The study is thus a carefully thought out project and is expected to be carried out for a year-round time-frame. The lengthy nature of the project’s time duration is with an intention to ensure that all weather seasons are covered within the project’s bracket.

Exbury Egg Characteristics

The Exbury Egg is a marvellous constructional model in many ways. A few salient high points of the Egg-shaped vessel can be elaborated as follows:

  • Thorough powering of necessary electronic and electric applications through solar panelled cells
  • Fully equipped with all necessary amenities including shower, laboratory, kitchenette, hammock for sleeping and even a unique chamber pot


  • Total constructional cost of around UK £40,000
  • Unique egg-shaped design to emulate the nesting pattern of the local communities of birds
  • Total size of six metres by 2.8 metres involving reprocessed materials like epoxy glue and boards of cedar

The utilisation of such high qualitative materials is to ensure that the Egg is suitably protected against the changing climatic conditions along with being able to withstand the natural movement of the water under it.


After the completion of his analyses, Stephen Turner is expected to submit the same to educational institutions and college varsities so as to help students understand the purpose, significance and results of the project thus undertaken.

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