Sailor Tattoos: Become a Cool Mariner

Sailor Tattoos are perhaps the first known evidence of the now flourishing art of body-art. But unlike the modern-day tattoos where tattooing is considered funky, the sailor tattoos are designed for the purpose of recording a sailor’s travel, to preserve the culture of maritime superstitions and in some cases, to showcase the position of a sailor in the naval hierarchy. 

The above mentioned points can also be regarded as the salient feature of sailors getting sailor tattoos done. A new inductee into the ship’s crew would want to be a part of the family-like-relationship that the crew would form owing to the large time spent together on the water. Therefore to make oneself and others aware of his acceptance to be a part of the crew in the sense of real fellowship, getting tattooed with sailor tattoos would be a perfect contributor.

Why Sailor Tattoos?

Sailing in its own way is a culture and like any other culture, it is bound by its customs, traditions and superstitions. When a ship is sailing in the water, there are so many aspects to be considered and so many threats that have to be faced. Therefore, in order to avoid the absence of protective charms sailor tattoos came into effect so as to be a mark of protection to the sailors instead of physical objects that could be easily misplaced.

Best Sailor Tattoos

Right from the early times and even now, getting sailor tattoos done is like a ritual. And like there is involved in a ritual, there are several famous and common traits involved. In this case, the most common and famous sailor tattoos designed on the human body. The tattoo of an anchor is a very common and a famous one denoting the hierarchy of a deckhand in a ship as also, in certain cases, signifying that the sailor has sailed the Atlantic Ocean.

Sailor Tattoos showcasing the graphics of a pig and a hen are also very famous because of the very well-known sailing superstition that since these two animals know to swim well, they would act as protective charms and help a sailor reach land or any other dry surface in safety in case he is overboard.

What Do Tattoos Signify?

Additionally sailor tattoos picturing mermaids, women, a compass, flowers and migratory birds are also common occurrences. It has to be noted that all these sailor tattoos bear reference to a sailor’s life on the ship and the sea rather than just a mere attraction towards any of them. Everyone needs to get used to one’s profession, however difficult it might be and sailor engraving tattoos on their body parts denotes their acceptance of their profession and their desire to be in touch with their marine career even post-retirement and discharge. This is precisely why a large number of navy personnel also get sailor tattoos done.

In today’s contemporary world, getting a tattoo done is like satisfying a fetish. With the emergence of the hep and happening culture, getting a tattoo is like nothing-next-to-the-ordinary so much so that everyday newer and newer imaginative designs are cropping up as tattoo-art potentials. The sailor tattoos, however bears no reference to this fetish by the modern generation and is a form of art and practice that merits due recognition because of the valuable service it provides to the sailors by immortalising their travels and quelling their void by preserving the memories of their sailing lives.



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