Bimini Road Mystery- Is it a Key to the Lost Atlantis?

The Bimini road is a subsea mystery having basis in both facts and myths in equal parts. The road lies in the island of Bimini in the Bahamas and since its discovery in the year 1968, has confounded researchers and experts trying to find the true facts about its creation and formation.




The Bimini road of the Bahamas is a single-dimensional set of stones extending from the North-east to the South-west part in the Northern part of the island. The stones are rectangular in shape and are almost 20 feet under the water.

The overall length of the Bimini wall, as it is synonymously known, is about 0.8 kilometres long before it arcs into a J-like formation.

Following its discovery by subsea archaeologist Joseph Manson Valentine, the road of Bimini has been the topic of various discussions, theories and debates. It has been widely said that Edgar Cayce,  seer had predicted such a discovery in the 1930s, time-lining it be between 1968 and 1969.

According to this seer, the resultant discovery would be a veritable proof of the existence and collapse of the island of Atlantis whose existence has been a source of constant intrigue in the marine world.

Fact v/s Fiction

While subsequent analysis conducted on the stones have concluded that the stones are nearly 2,000 to 4,000 years old, there has been a lot of speculation about the actual confirmation of the Atlantis theory.

The stones differ in their measurements with the larger ones having dimensions of about two to three metres – breadth wise. They primarily contain limestone along with beach rock though researches conducted in the latter part of the 20th century have unearthed compositions of micrite, calcite and aragonite in the stones.

The presence of these three minerals refutes the theory that the stones came to be formed naturally giving credibility that they were purportedly placed in such a manner by men in the stated time-period. Likewise, it has also been concretely established that the wall of Bimini has weathered the onslaught of oceanic and geographic invasion throughout the centuries.

Apart from the Bimini Road, there are two other similar single-dimensional stone placements that can be found close to the wall of Bimini. The length of these two stone placements is smaller as compared to the road of Bimini at about 160 and 190 feet. Whilst the Bimini road of the Bahamas curves towards the sea, these two placements look to be facing inward – towards the shoreline of the Bimini island.

Whether the Bimini wall is proof that Atlantis indeed existed and was destroyed due to a huge catastrophe or is a phenomenon that has naturally occurred, there is no denying that it is an adventure worth following and keeping track of.


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  1. Karen Kay says

    I’ve studied the Bimini road a bit and had never heard about the presence of minerals further refudiating the idea that the stones were a natural occurence. Thanks for the info! I’ve added a link on my list of resources.

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