Converting Shipping Container into a Classroom

The trend of Shipping Containers transforming into stylish and prefab housing and office spaces is catching up. Not only is this cost effective and environmentally sustainable but has also been solving the issue of space crunch.

Jure Kotnik, a Slovenian based architect has been working on the effective use of shipping containers. He has successfully transformed three recycled steel shipping containers into a lively and friendly classroom in a local kindergarten. The conceptual design has not only solved the kindergarten’s problem of overcrowding, space and budget shortages but has given the campus a unique classroom too.

A step ahead in transforming shipping containers is to custom-build containers for the new spaces, a different attempt by Jure. Named as the ConHouse (Container House) system, these are not recycled containers but manufactured specifically for housing units. The house is designed according to the owner’s requirement. These structures are very stable and provide a readymade frame for the building.

With architects such as Jure Kotnik devising innovative, affordable, and environment-friendly spaces, one can see more alternative building designs against the conventional ones.

Another attempt at such architecture has been OceanScope, a sunset observatory built at the Songdo New City harbor in Incheon, South Korea. It was designed and built by AnL Studio. The OceanScope consists of five recycled containers, each arranged at a particular angle and a height to provide three different views of the harbor.

Shipping Containers being used as a temporary shelter is not an uncommon sight, Designers at AnL attempted to blend these containers as a design with the surroundings and make a creative and sturdy looking housing space.

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  1. shane austin says

    Awesome use of shipping container modifications. This could be really revolutionary in addressing the need for classrooms around the world, particularly in impoverished countries.

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