Alang, Gujarat: The World’s Biggest Ship Breaking Yard & A Dangerous Environmental Time Bomb

Alang in Gujarat is the world’s biggest ship breaking yard with hundreds of ships getting scrapped each year. With increase in the yard’s popularity around the world, there has also been a steep increase in the number of threats posed by the ship breaking yard to the marine environment and laborers working there.

Unlike other countries, India possesses very loose marine environmental protection policies, which have lead to irreversible harm to the surrounding flora and fauna. Several beautiful coral reefs near to the Indian coasts have been completely destroyed and the marine life the affected area has gone haywire.

Moreover, Alang has now become an official storage facility for toxic wastes, radioactive elements, poisonous gases, and waste, unusable oil. These toxic have not only entered into the marine food chain by contaminating the oceans but have greatly affected the health of workers, who already live in dilapidated condition with least safety measures and poor health care facilities.

We bring to you an exclusive video of the Alang Shipyard, made and presented by NDTV, India.


Marine Insight also brings to you exclusive pictures of Alang Shipyard which you cannot find anywhere else.








Alang Gujarat Ship Breaking Yard 1











Alang Gujarat Ship Breaking Yard 3








Alang Gujarat Ship Breaking Yard 5

















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  1. Saravanan says

    Hai Raunek,

    I am from South India. Can you provide any contact details of ship breaking companies in Alang.

    Thank you

  2. Orang Yutan says

    I live near here and see broken ships. Lots of broken ships, so many they are more than land. More than land, yes! Have cousin-uncle who works nights breaking ships for small concern and he streams videos of his work. So much work. Loosen ehhhhhh sidewalls and planks, so much work!

  3. Kamlesh says

    I am from Nagpur Maharashtra India. Can you provide any contact details of ship breaking companies in Alang.
    Thank you

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