Guest Authors

 nandaMr.Nanda is an ex-chief engineer and senior faulty with premier maritime training institute. Through his extensive marine knowledge and expertise, Mr. Nanda has helped several maritime professionals to deal with a variety of situations at the sea. He is also the co-author of the popular NG series of marine text books.



gokhle2Mr. Vikram Gokhle is the Deputy General Manager of a premier ship management company. He is an experienced chief engineer with an extensive knowledge not only in the profession of sailing but also in the field of teaching. He is also the author of the popular NG Series of marine text-books.



mahendra3Mr. Mahendra Singh senior marine engineer with more than 20 years of experience as chief engineer on a variety of vessels such as bulk, container and car carriers. He has also served as an engineer and ship surveyor with the Government of India. When not sailing, Mr. Mahendra Singh likes to teach at premium maritime academies.



Mr. Vikram Dileepan is a Marine engineer and sails around the world for a living. Apart from being a ship engineer, he is an English vikram4literature addict, compulsive blogger, amateur mountaineer, and a consistent traveler of offbeat destinations being his hideout of choice, He also writes personal missives and other crazy stuff.




anil samMr. Anil Samotra is a marine engineer, who has worked on both container vessels and oil tankers. Presently working with V-ships, Anil loves to keep himself updated with the latest marine technology and happenings. When not sailing, he spends his time writing about his experiences at sea and traveling to lesser explored places.



Eigh Chuahu TiuEigh Chuahu Tiu is a loving wife to a Filipino Master Mariner, who works with AP Moller Maersk-Singapore. A Chemical Engineer by profession, also worked as a Sr. Process Control Engineer in the Billet Steel Making Plant of National Steel Corporation in Illigan City, Philippines, she enjoys sailing with her husband to different places.



Dr. Kavita RoyDr. Kavita K Roy is a proud wife of a Merchant Naval Officer, who works with AP Mollar Maersk-Singapore. She is an Entomologist and an educator by profession. She loves sailing along with her husband and admires the astounding experiences she gets from the same.



sriramMr. S. Sriram Balasubramanian is a marine engineer with specialized knowledge and experience in LNG carriers. He has worked for companies like Shell and Mitsui O.S.K Lines. An established technology writer, Sriram has written for a couple of famous maritime websites.  He also makes technical videos on a variety of marine engineering topics.