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A One-Stop Resource for Operating Ship’s Machinery Systems

Do you find ship dry dock procedures physically and mentally stressing? Do you find the whole dry docking procedure intimidating? Do you try to avoid or escape dry docking of ship? Are you confused on how the dry dock operation is carried out? You’re not alone.

A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations (For engine room department) is a downloadable ebook designed to help you understand the whole dry docking procedure is a step-by-step manner, right from the planning to sea trials.The guide is divided into 8 easy-to-follow chapters, which explain all the important jobs that are performed in the engine room department of the ship.

Three important steps for a successful dry docking operation that are provided in the ebook:

1. Planning/Preparation – Steps taken and jobs done weeks or months before the dry dock

2. Dry docking operation – Procedures to be carried out before and during the dry dock

3. Post docking operation – Taking the ship out of the dock and performing the sea trials

This 90+ pages guide is written in a step-by-step format with to-the-point information in order to help you easily understand the process and challenges faced during the dry docking process. The guide also includes the following reports and checklists:

Reports – Work order report, Tag-in Tag-out report, Landing report, Valve operation report

Checklists – Planning and preparation checklist, Before Docking Checklist, During Dry dock checklist, Before Undocking checklist.

As a seafarer, you know the amount of time and efforts required to successfully carry out a dry docking procedure. It’s a circus out there with several maintenance tasks being carried out simultaneously by both ship and shore staff, various machinery systems lying dismantled all around the engine room, piping systems opened up ruthlessly for repairing jobs, and a number of people from surveyors to shore technicians visiting the ship every now and then.

In one of the surveys, we found that more than half of the seafarers are a bit apprehensive when it comes to working in dry docks, and if given a change, they would try their best to avoid them.

Some of the main reasons stated by seafarers for avoiding dry docks:

  • Way too much time and efforts required for planning and preparation of dry dock
  • Physically and mentally taxing job with very less time to relax
  • Too many surveys, checks, and maintenance jobs
  • Lack of knowledge as to what exactly happens in the dry-dock
  • Hazardous working conditions

One of the main issues regarding dry-docks which we came to know during this survey was that most of the seafarers didn’t have a clear idea as to what is to be done, and most importantly how it is to be done in the dry dock. Many of them are afraid of the whole task, not because there is hard work involved, but because they do not know how the dry-docking process works and what is the right way to approach the same. Considering the questions which we received, it was clear that the seafarers did not have a well-defined idea as to how dry docking of ships is planned and carried out. This guide is an attempt to answer all those questions.

Chapters in Detail

1. Planning the dry dock

  • What is dry docking?
  • When to start planning for the dry dock?
  • How ship’s crew should plan the dry dock?
  • How office personnel should plan the dry dock?

2. Preparations before the dry dock

  • Engine crew preparation
  • Preparation of tools and spares
  • Preparation of paints, chemicals and gas
  • Preparation of oil, water and bilges
  • Preparation for paper work
  • Safety preparation
  • Electrical preparation
  • General preparation before entering the dock

3. Man Power Management

  • Watch keeping
  • Machinery maintenance work distribution
  • Rest hours
  • Miscellaneous jobs

4. Machinery Jobs in Dry Dock

  • Main engine jobs
  • Auxiliary engine jobs
  • Auxiliary and main boiler jobs
  • Pump repairing and maintenance
  • Bow thruster jobs
  • Winches and Windlass jobs
  • Water tight doors maintenance
  • Hydraulic system maintenance
  • Maintenance of valves
  • Piping work
  • Maintenance of sea chests and heat exchangers
  • MARPOL equipment maintenance

5. Electrical Jobs in Dry Dock

  • Motor overhauling
  • Crane maintenance
  • MGPS and ICCP maintenance
  • Fire alarm system
  • Engine automation system
  • MSB and ESB checks
  • Bow Thruster System checks
  • Shore power and Alternator maintenance

6. Checks in Dry Dock

  • Safety Checks
  • Checks on Tanks and Enclosed Spaces
  • Machinery Checks
  • Instruments and Tools
  • Valves and Sea Chests
  • Piping Checks
  • Electrical Checks

 7. Regulations, Surveys, and Checks

  • Dry dock regulations
  • Dry dock surveys
  • Checks before flooding

8. Sea Trials

  • Initiating sea trials
  • Sea trial for main engine
  • Sea trial of pumps
  • Sea trial of bow thrusters
  • Sea trial of stern tube system
  • Sea trial – miscellaneous systems

What Mariners are Saying About this eBook?

mohitIf dry dock makes you go weak in your knees, then knowing the process is the only thing that would help you get rid of the fear. This guide not only provides a great summary of what exactly is done in the engine room department during the dry dock but also provides you information on how different departments work in collaboration to carry out a successful dry-docking process. This is a great ebook to help you understand how dry docking is carried out in the engine room.
– Mohit Kaushik, Third Engineer, Maersk Line

anilsWithout doubt, dry docking is a great learning environment and if you have the right guide to help you understand the whole process, things become a lot easier in the ship’s engine room. As a marine engineer, I would definitely recommend this ebook to those who want to know how the whole operation is carried out and what it takes to perform various jobs before, during, and after the dry dock.– Anil Samotra, Second Engineer, V-Ships

Dry docking is by far the most tedious job I have come across on ships. Though it is supposed to be known as the best learning experience for mariners, it is important that you are well prepared for the job. If you want to a get a general overview of what exactly is done in dry docks and how the whole operation is performed the this guide will surely help you a lot.
-Hemant Rai, Second Engineer, Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd.

arvindThis guide is an answer to hundreds of queries related to operating machinery received by us from marine engineers working on ships. If you are a marine engineer working on ships, this ebook would definitely help you in trying times on board. Print it and keep it as a quick reference with you, all the time. – Arvind Darvesh, Fourth Engineer, General Maritime Management,GMC

rishabhThis guide has helped me a lot to understand how the dry-docking process works, right from the start till the end. The check lists, tips & tricks, and landing reports provided with the ebook give great clarity to perform dry docking procedures with much better confidence. I would surely recommend this guide to all my seafarer friends. – Rishab Joshi, Third Engineer, GMC

Being a technical inspector with AB International Marine Services and having worked as a service technician with MAN B &W, I have attended several dry docks and know what it takes to carry out an accident-free and errorless dry-docking procedure. If you want to know how things work in a dry-dock and what all jobs are carried out in the ship’s engine room then this is a must-have guide for you. This ebook will not only provide you with information on what all jobs are done in the ship’s engine room but also explain you the dry docking process from start to end.
-Musab.O.Karabulut, Technical inspector, AB International Marine Services Co; Previous- Service technician, Man B&W

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master dry dock engine room

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