Types of Exhaust Gas Boiler (EGB) Fires and Ways to Prevent Them

Melted tube

Exhaust Gas Boilers (EGF) on ships have a high risk of fire as they operate at extremely high temperature. An Exhaust Gas Boiler fire can be a caused because of a variety of reasons. Learn about the different types of Exhaust Gas Boilers (EGF) fires and how to prevent them.

How Good Bilge Management Practices Help Improve OWS Performance?

Bilge Tank

Good bilge management practices help in optimizing the performance of the Oily Water Separator on ships. No matter what type of OWS is installed onboard ships, if the bilge management is not proper the Oily Water Separator (OWS) is bound to malfunction.

The Basics of Troubleshooting Engine Room Machinery

ship main engine

Troubleshooting engine room machinery problems is one of the most important tasks marine engineers have to deal on a daily basis. Learn about the basics of engine room machinery troubleshooting in this article.