Reverse Osmosis: Modern Alternative for Shipboard Water Production

reverse osmosis- R.O plant

Every ship is installed with fresh water production unit which produces fresh water from sea water. The efficient water production unit of the ship helps the vessel owner to save on additional fresh water expenses that are incurred by purchasing water from port suppliers. Two popular methods for production of fresh water on ships include: […]

Starting Procedure for Turbine Generator on Ship

turbine generator package

Like every other machinery, the turbine generator of the ship also needs to start under sequential starting procedure to avoid trouble free operation of the whole system. The correct procedure ensures that no part of the machinery goes through any kind of stress- thermal or mechanical. It also helps the ship to operate without wasting […]

Construction and Working of Ships Refrigeration plant

Refrigeration plant Room

The refrigeration plants on merchant vessels play a vital part in carrying refrigerated cargo and provisions for the crew on board. In reefer ships, the temperature of the perishable or temperature sensitive cargo such as food, chemical, or liquefied gas, is controlled by the refrigeration plant of the ship. The same plant or a smaller […]

An Introduction to Ship’s Turbine Generator


Turbine generator is a popular source of clean power generation on ships as they don’t use any type of fuel i.e. heavy or diesel oil. Steam is used for power production in case of turbine generators. Steam is an easy, environmental friendly and cheap form of fuel on ships. For turbine generators, the steam comes […]

Understanding Stern Tube Arrangement on Ships


The propeller of the ship is fitted at the aft and attached to a crankshaft coming from the main engine. This is done so that the rotating motion of the Main Engine can be converted into thrust to propel the ship. The propeller shaft or tail shaft is supported by a bearing arrangement which acts […]

Learn About Fatal Bacteria that Grow in Ship’s Air-Con System

legionella bacteria in drain

It is a known fact that there are certain types of bacteria which flourish in the air conditioning system of a ship. These organisms or bacteria flourish or increase in number in stagnant water or in wet deposits of slime or sludge. If these bacteria multiply exponentially and are not removed then they spoil the […]

General Overview of Central Cooling System on Ships

Engine room coolers

The machineries fitted on board ships are designed to work with maximum efficiency and run for long running hours. The most common and maximum energy loss from machineries is in the form of heat energy. This loss of heat energy has to be reduced or carried away by a cooling media to avoid malfunctioning or […]

How Perishable Food Products are Transported Using Reefer Ship?

Refrigerated container ship

A reefer ship is a type of ship that is used for the purpose of carrying refrigerated cargo. Reefer ships are mainly used to transport spoilable goods. In today’s times refrigerated carriers play a very vital role in transporting food products that are necessary for daily use but face the threat of perishing very fast. […]

Upgraded Alfa Laval S- Separator Offers More Robustness

centrifuge discs

Alfa Laval Marine and Diesel recently launched a newer version of one of its flagship marine products- the S-separator. Comprising of newer enhancements that the company claims not only improves overall robustness but also proves to be fuel-efficient and energy friendly alternative to other separators, the Alfa Laval separator permits a smoother run that helps […]

General Overview of Types of Pumps on Ship


A ship consists of various types of fluids moving inside different machinery and systems for the purpose of cooling, heating, lubrication, and as fuels. These liquids are circulated by different types of pumps, which can be independently driven by ship power supply or attached to the machinery itself. All the systems on board ship require […]

Understanding Diesel Engine Performance

diesel performance manual kit

On ship, it is important to check the performance of the engine from time to time so as to ascertain working condition and fault finding. In earlier days, the performance of diesel engine was taken manually, but with the advancement of technology, automatic monitoring systems are being used.

What is a Metering Pump On board a Ship?


Metering pump, as the name suggests, is a type of pump which is used on ship to pump a precise volume of liquid. Metering pump can be adjusted to provide different flow rates. They are generally used when the precision of volume to be delivered is very important.