Pipes and Bends – An Essential Guide for Second Engineers: Part 1


There are several important aspects of the duties of second engineer as he is someone who s in charge of all the operations of the engine room. In this series of articles, we will be discussing an important aspect of the engine room – pipes and bends. This is the first part of an essential series for second engineers.

What To Do During Marine Auxiliary Boiler’s Flame Failure or Fuel Pump Tripping?

Verticale Boiler

Auxiliary Boiler is only used in port and the exhaust Boiler caters for all heating and steam needs while at sea. Generally if the burner routines are carried out religiously and the filters are cleaned, there is no major maintenance or routine that needs to be done. Find out what to do when flame failure and fuel pump tripping in marine auxiliary boilers occur.

The Ultimate Guide to Air Compressors on Ships


Want to know about the construction, working, and maintenance of air compressors used on ships? This ultimate guide to air compressors on ships provides all the details marine engineers would need to run compressors efficiently on ships.

Understanding Capacity Control in Ship’s Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System


Capacity control of a refrigeration plant can be defined as a system which controls the output of the plant as per the load in demand. Find out construction and working of ship’s air conditioning and refrigeration system capacity control.

Understanding Boiler Feed Water Contamination


The quality of boiler water plays an important role in deciding the overall marine boiler efficiency. Contamination of boiler water leads to several types of problems, including the main ones – corrosion and scale formation. Find out the main reasons for boiler feed water contamination.

How to Charge Refrigeration Plant on Ships?

charging of refrigeration plant

The refrigeration plant is an important system on the ship which needs to be charged with refrigerant gas at regular intervals of time. In this article we explain how to charge refrigeration plant on ships using gas charging method.

Top 5 Books on Marine Boilers


Marine boilers forms an integral part of marine machinery system on board ships. We have enumerated top 5 books which provide a detailed understanding of marine boiler systems.

What are the requirements for Inert Gas Plant Blower on Tanker Ships?


One of the major components of an IG plant is its blower which acts as supplier of inert gas to cargo holds of the ship. Without the blower the whole system will fail to perform. An efficient IG blower is thus required to supply inert gas as per the requirements of a cargo tanker

Top 6 Books on Marine Auxiliary Machinery

marine auxiliary

Marine Auxiliary Machinery is an important subject for seafarers as it covers not only those equipment that are in the ship’s engine room but also those provided on ship’s deck. Learn about the top marine engineering books for marine auxiliary machinery and ship technology.

Air bottle or Air receiver On board Ship


Main engine and auxiliary engine are the two prime components in a ship’s engine room, on which, the entire operation of the vessel is dependent. There are several other important machineries that are necessary to support these two main components; however, one equipment without which any of the above mentioned machines cannot do away with […]

Viscosity Meter and Viscosity Controller Used on Ships


As the fuel prices go sky high, ships are using lower grades of fuel for saving its operational cost. The fuel used for burning in auxiliary engine and main propulsion plant is normally heavy fuel oil. Along with other properties, viscosity is an important property which determines the efficiency of fuel combustion and of the […]