Should Ships Help Migrants At Sea? – A Captain’s Perspective

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Though rescue of illegal migrants is a legal and humanitarian obligation under the international maritime law, there have been incidents that have posed serious threat to the safety of the ship and its crew. A ship’s captain presents his view through real incidents on rescuing migrants at the sea.

Can Coriolis Flow Meters Reduce Bunker Quantity Disputes On Ships?

Image Credits: OW Bunker (Image for representation purpose only)

There are lot of discussions going on for adopting Coriolis flow meters in the bunkering industry to improve upon existing measurement technologies and to prevent fuel-pilferage. Can mass flow metering system prevent fuel-pilferage?

10 Important Points to Comply With Ballast Water Convention

ballast water

It is mandatory for all ships to comply with ballast water convention while carrying out ballasting and de-ballasting processes. Learn about ten important points for complying with the ballast water convention.

Legal Issues And Arrest Of Scrap Ships Can Sour Deals For Indian Cash Buyers

Alang Gujarat Ship Breaking Yard

Shashank Agrawal, vice-president legal of Wirana Shipping Corp, Singapore, looks at the problems facing cash buyers and ship recyclers and suggest ways of overcoming them with strong leadership and support from the new Indian government.

What To Do When A Ship Is “Beset”?

ship in ice

Beset is the inability of a vessel to move or manoeuvre under its own power when surrounded closely by ice. Learn what steps needs to be taken when the ship is in such emergency situation.

What’s New in IMDG Code 37th Amendment?

IMDG Code Amd 37 Vol I and II

IMDG Code 37th amendment will come in print by October 2014. Countries, shipper &, shipping lines can adopt IMDG Code 37th amendment in whole or in part on a voluntary basis as from 1 January 2015. From 1st January 2016 IMDG Code 37th amendment will become mandatory.

15 Points Seafarers Should Consider For Successful MLC, 2006 Survey


All ships and seafarers are now required to go through the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006 inspection process to avail the MLC certification. Mentioned in this article are few important points which must be considered for successful MLC surveys.