What To Do When Your Ship Is Dragging Anchor?


A merchant vessel is said to be having a “dragging anchor” when the vessel drifts without holding power inspite of being anchored. Learn about the actions to be taken in such situation.

10 Things Deck Officer Must Know While Operating Main Engine from Bridge – Part 1

ship bridge

Deck officers at bridge need to be fully aware and conversant with various bridge control systems and use of main engine. Learn about few basic points they must consider while operating the main engine from bridge.

Introduction To Ship Load Lines

load line

Load line is a special marking positioned amidships which depicts the draft of the vessel and the maximum permitted limit in distinct types of waters to which the ship can be loaded. Get a general overview of ship load lines inside the article.

10 Things to Consider While Using Auto-Pilot System on Ships

ship bridge

Auto-pilot is surely an undeniable boon in modern navigation. However over-reliance on the equipment and poor comprehension of its efficiency and limitations has resulted in several accidents at sea. Learn about ten important things to consider while using auto-pilot system on ships.