What Are The Duties of Officer On Watch When Pilot is On Board Ship?


The pilot plays a crucial role in the safe navigation of the vessel to her destination. However, the pilot’s inclusion doesn’t exempt the Officer On Watch (OOW) of his duties. Read about the duties of officer on watch inside the article.

8 Things to Consider While Doing Nautical Chart Plotting On Ships

Image Credits: Nachiketh Bhattathiri

Nautical Chart work is the art of laying a safe course, fixing the position and reassuring that position, while steering the ship on that course. It’s an imperative job which every ship navigation officer should master. Learn about eight important points to consider while doing chart plotting.

An Introduction to Radar Watchkeeping And SOLAS Requirements For Ships

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Radar Watchkeeping is the process of monitoring the ship’s radar and making use of all its functions to make a full appraisal of any situation and early detection in order to avoid collision of ships. Learn more about radar watchkeeping SOLAS requirements for radars on ships inside the article.