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Top 13 New Ship Projects and Concepts of 2013


In the year 2013, the maritime industry saw some very important and interesting shipping projects as they took their initial steps towards reality. As the year comes to an end, we take a look at some of the important new ship projects, concepts and developments that were announced in 2013.

The Scenic Jewel Cruise Ship

Scenic jewel

2013 will mark the start of operations of Scenic Cruise Line’s newest Jewel, the ‘Scenic Jewel.’ The cruise ship represents the cruise line’s latest fleet of river cruising vessels, commissioned to be built at a cost touching over US$ 10 million.

The Freedom Ship Floating City Concept

Freedom ship floating city design

Freedom Ship is a highly innovative maritime housing project conceptualized by an American engineering pioneer, Norman Nixon. The project is quite similar to the idea of floating cities serving as alternate residential locales in the distant future.

The Bourbon Evolution 800 IMR Ships

The Bourbon Evolution

Bourbon Evolution 800 refers to the class of 10 IMR (Inspection, Maintenance and Repair) ships, owned by the shipping company Bourbon.The Evolution 800 vessels have been built to address the complex needs of the maritime operations in the high seas.

Top 12 Coolest Personal Submarines

Necker Nymph

Personal submarines are privately owned or chartered small submersible vessels used for exploring the underwater marine world. Find out about twelve of the coolest private submarines available in the market.

12 Noteworthy Research Vessels

Oceanic Vega

With the advancement of technology, research vessels have revolutionized the way in which oceanic research is carried out in the deepest sea. Find out twelve such highly advanced and unique research vessels that have or will contribute greatly to the maritime world.

The Otso Ice Breaker Ship

The Otso

The Otso ice breaker commissioned by the Finnish maritime authority during the early 1980s is a revolutionary ice-breaking vessel assigned to carry out extensive operations near major Finnish harbors.