Top Shore Based Job Options for Mariners


So what does a mariner, who thinks he has spent plenty of time sailing the open seas and now wants to work on shore, do? One would wonder if a sailor has any option on shore, but you’ll be surprised at the choices available nowadays to mariners on shore. From people who realize that sailing is not for them to mariners who are just sick of sailing and want to work on dry land for a change, there are plenty of options available. Depending on your aptitude and of course experience, it is easy to pick what suits best to your needs. So sailors if you thought you’ll be jobless if you ever quit sailing, take heart. Because there are plenty of fish in the sea!

  • Lecturer or Trainer
  • Many of the maritime institutes and colleges are regularly on the hunt for lecturers or trainers to teach the students who want to join this field. If you think you have the skills to be a lecturer there are plenty of options available, which are both full and part time.

  • Fleet Manager
  • A fleet manager basically is responsible for an effective day-to-day running of the company’s vessels and also has to ensure that the vessels go through smooth and hassle-free surveys, dry dock and repairs. They also are required to manage the team of superintendents and should possess good communicational skills.

  • Superintendent
  • The job of a superintendent is quite an important one. As a superintendent he is required to act as a spokesperson for the vessels. Hired by the management, they are required to ensure a smooth functioning onboard. Superintendents see to it that the vessel complies with the standard rules and regulations and that it is ready for the inspection and certifications.

  • Pilot
  • A marine pilot is a boon for the ship’s crew when the ship passes through a tricky area. Marine pilots are people with extensive knowledge of the area they are based in and are well aware of the sea terrain. So whenever a ship passes through waters that are tough to maneuver through, a pilot is called onboard to help with a smooth navigation.

  • Marine Surveyor
  • A marine surveyor is a person akin to a teacher in a classroom. He is required to inspect the vessels to ensure that they are in good condition and follow the standards and regulations while sailing. He inspects the equipment and machinery on board to ascertain its safety levels and then reports on their condition.

  • Naval Architect
  • Mariners on engineering side also have many options available to choose from. A naval engineer is the person who designs, constructs and also repairs ships and smaller marine vessels. So if designing is your cup of tea then Naval architecture is definitely the profession for you

  • Manning Office Job
  • As a marine who has plenty of sailing experience, a sailor would know all about joining and signing-off. So when a sailor decides to give up sailing the best thing for him to do would be to open up a manning office to provide experienced crew to big management companies and also handle the signing-off and joining of the crew.

  • Marine Design Engineer
  • A marine design engineer creates and designs the vessels and various kinds’ machinery and equipment required onboard. An in depth understanding of sailing and the nuances of ship’s machinery is a must for a marine design engineer.

  • Business
  • If none of the above suits your needs and you have the business acumen, then setting up your own business either related to the shipping line or even something totally new is the way to go.

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    1. udit dhyani says

      Presently I am sailing as 2nd mate with vships. I have been with vships since last 8 yrs since my cadetships. I want to know what are the options for me to work ashore in europe. I have sailed in mostly tankers oil and chem.
      Kindly advise me if I am eligble or do I need to take up some courses.


    2. sameer says

      I am a Third engineer of almost 18 months experience. I feel life at sea not enterprising at all. It was all an excitement initially but the sea life has dampened my spirits. I love the job but not at sea. Kindly advise my prospects in shore.

    3. heena says

      plzzz plzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz……i want to know more about fleet manager….help more……….

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