How Much Does an Indian Seafarer Officer Earns?

Lately, we have been receiving several inquiries regarding the salary structure of Indian sea-going professionals. People often ask us how much will I make if I join the merchant navy at the start, what would be my salary after five years, and what amount will I have in my bank account ten years from now if I work on Cargo ships? We rebuff all such questions!

Firstly, it is very difficult to assess how much a person would earn while working in merchant navy, for there are several aspects involved. Apart from the rank of the maritime professional, aspects such as the type of the ship, reputation of the company, and the person’s own ability to excel in the field play an important part in deciding what salary he or she takes home.


But as Marine Insight is here to help its readers, and considering the fact that it is difficult to provide a number for the salary of each rank, we came up with an idea of providing our readers with a “Salary Range” for each level in a Cargo Ship.

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  1. captain salim chagla says

    gentlemen/lady’s, with regret: a ship captain or master-mariner is ‘darn tough’ with a 24 hour ( some times 72 hours….glamoures!) job sailing,(not like a 9-5job)I as a 1973-1983 cadet/2nd off/chief off & 1984-1994 as various merchant vessels,bulk,passenger vessels, containers, chemical,oil tankers,vlcc; then as a inshore/offshore marine superintendent,then trained approved 5000 boys/girls in my own approved company-recently radio/pursers stopped on merchant ships SO
    the master has to do all that too-thanks to silly paperwork ISO/ISM nonsence todays master is at beck-n-call to ‘baby shore managers’ thanks to satellite.
    ps:still accidents happen-my age is now 57years.

  2. captain salim chagla says

    US$5000-8000 to Chief Engineer or Master Mariner divide day per US$166-266 ON 30 days Divide X as 24 hour means twenty four job
    so US$6.9-11.11,as good as a pizza boy per hour no ‘tip’ ha-ha
    Tension-stale food-monotony-piracy !

  3. capt.Prince Kashyap says

    Agree Capt.Salim Chagla-underpaid-pressure cooker job- family life in gods hands…hahah

  4. rony says

    I am unable to see the salary table. At the place pf table it is showing ” [table “1” not found /] “. Kindly fix this or mail me the table. Thanks.

  5. Capt. Superior Bannerji says


  6. siddharth says

    sir dont u think that this salary for an in dian person is enough without taxes ya agreed that conditions of working are tough …

  7. Musa Mahdi says

    Yes you are right poor salary,as you analys but if that will be paid in Nigeria of West Africa will have been better.
    The worse part a seaferar will be on sea working for months, ship owner will not pay or they pay 1 month out of 5 month and so they do,very sad .Hmmm.

  8. Pritam Munshi says

    I have a question here. These figures are for a month but what if the engineer/officer has paid leave as well? Does the salary dilute down to the same as mentioned above or is it different? Please help.

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