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Sharda is a freelance writer with a post graduation in journalism and mass communication. Working as a senior writer with Marine Insight, she likes to explore and write about maritime history and incidences of life at the sea. In her free time she likes reading and browsing sports channels.

8 Ghost At Sea Movies You Must Watch

Ghost Ship poster

We all love the thrill and suspense which monster and ghost movies offer. There are quite a few horror movies which have nautical theme. Mentioned in this article are seven great ghost at sea movies you must watch.

What is Plastic Aquatic Project?

plastic in oceans

The threats to the maritime environment from plastic dumping have increased manifold in the past few years. The Plastic Aquatic Project is an initiative aimed at controlling and substantially reducing the presence of noxious pollutants in the oceans.

Top 4 Social Networking Websites For Seafarers


With the rise of the social networking portals around the world, the maritime industry also has its own share of social networking websites which are specifically made for seafarers to provide an informal online hub for networking and sharing views and experiences. Learn about four famous social networking websites for seafarers.

Exbury Egg – The Egg Shaped Floating Office


The Exbury Egg is the name given to a unique marine residential model that has been specially built to carry out observations about the maritime ecology. The Egg was built by a team of designing collaborators namely PAD (Perring Architecture and Design), SPUD Designing Studio and the world renowned creative personality Stephen Turner.

Top 5 Must-Watch Somali Pirates Movies


The issue of piracy at sea has inspired several film makers to make movies based on somali pirates and real ship highjacking incidents. Mentioned herein are five such somali pirates movies which make an interesting watch.

10 Most Amazing Yacht Designs


Some of the luxury yachts are so beautifully designed that they stand-out among their counterparts, flaunting their unique class and style. Find out about ten of such amazing yacht designs that have set a class of their own in the yachting industry.

The World’s Largest Wave Farm


Scottish marine engineering corporation Aquamarine Power is coming up a never-seen-before wave farm module in the high seas off the Lewis coast in the North-western Scottish province. Once operational, the wave energy farm is expected to power nearly 30,000 households at a maximum energy capacitance of 40 mega watts.

How a Container Ship is Used for Climate Study?

Horizon Spirit

In a first of its kind project, a Horizon lines container ship will be used to study representation of clouds in climate models. The project dubbed – MAGIC, Marine ARM GPCI Investigation of Clouds’, aims to study the influence of clouds and their constant modulation over the oceanic surfaces

Top 10 Amazing Ocean Mysteries and Phenomena

Baltic and north sea meets

A variety of ocean phenomena- both explained and unexplained have intrigued people around the world. Some of these most famous ocean mysteries have been a subject of great debates and discussions. Learn about ten such mysteries of the oceans.