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Sharda is a freelance writer with a post graduation in journalism and mass communication. Working as a senior writer with Marine Insight, she likes to explore and write about maritime history and incidences of life at the sea. In her free time she likes reading and browsing sports channels.

Peral Submarine – The World’s First Electric Battery Powered Submarine

Submarine Peral 1

Peral Submarine – the world’s first electrically operated submersible in the 1880s paved the way for more futuristic submarine designs to be developed across various countries in the world. Learn more about this technologically advanced submarine which was way ahead of its time.

10 Most Amazing Yacht Designs


Some of the luxury yachts are so beautifully designed that they stand-out among their counterparts, flaunting their unique class and style. Find out about ten of such amazing yacht designs that have set a class of their own in the yachting industry.

How a Container Ship is Used for Climate Study?

Horizon Spirit

In a first of its kind project, a Horizon lines container ship will be used to study representation of clouds in climate models. The project dubbed – MAGIC, Marine ARM GPCI Investigation of Clouds’, aims to study the influence of clouds and their constant modulation over the oceanic surfaces

Top 10 Amazing Ocean Mysteries and Phenomena

Baltic and north sea meets

A variety of ocean phenomena- both explained and unexplained have intrigued people around the world. Some of these most famous ocean mysteries have been a subject of great debates and discussions. Learn about ten such mysteries of the oceans.

The Lilipad Floating City Concept – Amazing Alternate Ecosystem

The Lilipad floating city

The Lilipad floating city is a futuristic floating ecosystem concept planned after taking due consideration of the existing global climatic trends and the scientific analysts’ predictions for the future. Learn more about the floating city concept inside the article.

World’s Largest Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Power Plant To Come Up in China


The planned construction of an OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) power plant in the Southern Chinese high seas is set to become the largest power plant in the world. The power plant is intended to be a joint venture between two business giants, US-based engineering corporation Lockheed Martin and Hong Kong-based construction consortium Reignwood.

Titanic II Cruise Ship: Will it Re-Create the Magic?


Australian business mogul Clive Palmer has come up with the unique idea of reconstructing the magic of the real Titanic cruise vessel which met with an unfortunate end on 12th April, 1912. Proposed to be an exact replication of the original ill-omened vessel, the new cruise ship is expected to be put into operation in the year 2016.

The Bourbon Evolution 800 IMR Ships

The Bourbon Evolution

Bourbon Evolution 800 refers to the class of 10 IMR (Inspection, Maintenance and Repair) ships, owned by the shipping company Bourbon.The Evolution 800 vessels have been built to address the complex needs of the maritime operations in the high seas.

What is HNS Convention for Shipping?

Tanker Ship

The HNS Convention is an acronym for the IMO’s International Convention on Liability and Compensation for Damage in Connection with the Carriage of Hazardous and Noxious Substances by Sea.

Nouadhibou – Is This The Largest Ship Graveyard in the World?

Nouadhibou ship graveyard

Nouadhibou, a major metropolis in the poverty-ridden North-west African country of Mauritania, is considered as one of the largest ship graveyards in the world with hundreds of ships abandoned together. Find out more about Nouadhibou ship graveyard in the article inside.