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Sharda is a freelance writer with a post graduation in journalism and mass communication. Working as a senior writer with Marine Insight, she likes to explore and write about maritime history and incidences of life at the sea. In her free time she likes reading and browsing sports channels.

8 Ghost At Sea Movies You Must Watch

Ghost Ship poster

We all love the thrill and suspense which monster and ghost movies offer. There are quite a few horror movies which have nautical theme. Mentioned in this article are seven great ghost at sea movies you must watch.

What is Plastic Aquatic Project?

plastic in oceans

The threats to the maritime environment from plastic dumping have increased manifold in the past few years. The Plastic Aquatic Project is an initiative aimed at controlling and substantially reducing the presence of noxious pollutants in the oceans.

Nathaniel Bowditch: The Founder of Modern Maritime Navigation

Nathaniel Bowditch

Nathaniel Bowditch is a famed, reputed and illustrious name in the maritime industry. The self-made nautical expert paved the way for the future of the global maritime navigational elements over 200-years ago and is considered the founder of Modern Maritime Navigation.

Top 4 Social Networking Websites For Seafarers


With the rise of the social networking portals around the world, the maritime industry also has its own share of social networking websites which are specifically made for seafarers to provide an informal online hub for networking and sharing views and experiences. Learn about four famous social networking websites for seafarers.

6 Shocking Ship Explosions Caught on Tape

tanker explosion

Ship explosions though rare, are shocking and scary to watch. Some of such real accidents involving ships and floating vessels have been caught on tape. Mentioned in this article are six chilling videos of such ship accidents.