Real Life Accident: Electrician Crushed To Death By Travelling Gantry Crane

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Routine ’travelling manoeuvres’ of the vessel’s gantry crane by a ship’s officer were being undertaken at port. The assistant electrician, probably standing near the top of the hatch access ladder, was caught and fatally crushed between the hatch lifting hook and the guide beam of the moving gantry crane. Read more about the unfortunate accident inside the article.

Dangers Of Aluminium Phosphide On Ships

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A container vessel loaded some containers of Aluminium Phosphide from an Asian port. During the voyage, the crew heard a number of small ‘explosions’ inside one of these containers, after which some smoke escaped past the rubber seals of the door. Read more inside.

Real Life Incident: Human Error Causes Loss Of Power On DP Vessel


Crew on a DP vessel were performing maintenance on the main power distribution bus circuit breakers; maintenance which was several years overdue. The vessel’s engineer attempted to restore power to these thrusters by closing the bus tie without synchronising two live buses (crash sync), causing a total loss of thrust and therefore loss of position.