Real Life Incident: CO2 Labelling Mixup

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During an investigation in the ship’s CO2 room, the identification for the release valves for holds one, two, four and five were misidentified. Only hold number three was correctly identified.

Real Life Incident: The Bigger Ship Gets The Right Of Way?

right of way

Unprofessional attitude of the OOW and lack of proper communication leads to near miss situation at the sea. Read inside the article to know more.

Real Life Accident: Weakened Wire Leaves Ladder Hanging

Weakened wire leaves gangway hanging

When the vessel left port the accommodation ladder was left un-stowed in the horizontal position, hanging from the hoist wire, while crew were busy with departure tasks. Once away from berth, deck crew started the procedures for stowing the accommodation ladder in its seagoing position. Suddenly the hoist wire broke, letting the shore-end of the ladder fall. The ladder was […]