Real Life Accident: Crew Member Dies In Enclosed Space

enclosed space

The ship’s duty officer instructed a crew member to get samples of the cargo by entering the hold number six through the trunk that housed the Australian Ladder. The crew member never came back.

Dangers Of Aluminium Phosphide On Ships

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A container vessel loaded some containers of Aluminium Phosphide from an Asian port. During the voyage, the crew heard a number of small ‘explosions’ inside one of these containers, after which some smoke escaped past the rubber seals of the door. Read more inside.

Real Life Incident: Ship’s Crew Dies From Parting Of Rescue Boat Wire Fall

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The crew of a large vehicle carrier was concluding a routine launching drill of the rescue boat in port. As the craft was coming up to its normal stowage position, a proximity sensor/limit or cut-off switch arrangement, that was designed to cut electrical power to the winch motor failed to operate correctly.

Real Life Accident: Hull Breached At Unsafe Berth

hull breach

On completing discharge, a tanker was ordered by the port to vacate the berth and tie up at a waiting berth, about 8 miles upriver. The assigned berth was identified with some difficulty on the chart and was seen to be on a sharp bend in the river.

Real Life Incident: Human Error Causes Loss Of Power On DP Vessel


Crew on a DP vessel were performing maintenance on the main power distribution bus circuit breakers; maintenance which was several years overdue. The vessel’s engineer attempted to restore power to these thrusters by closing the bus tie without synchronising two live buses (crash sync), causing a total loss of thrust and therefore loss of position.