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Travel Safety for Seafarers

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Travel Safety Tips, Emergency Guidelines, Travel Resources and FREE Checklists

Seafarers are used to (or forced to) continuous travelling schedule through different modes of transport. Though most of their time is spent on ships, which is also their workplace, they are often required to travel through foreign countries, either for joining or signing-off from ships. In the process, seafarers have to deal with different types of people, cultures, and laws while moving from one region to another.

Today, through travelling through most of the countries around the world is an easy task, one has to go through a series of mandatory procedures and documentation. Moreover, every country has its own set of rules and regulations regarding passage through their land. As seafarers are frequently required to travel to new lands, laborious travel formalities and documentation are inevitable.

Globe-trotting, constant travelling, and sailing at the high seas might sound glamours in the first place, but ask seafarers and you would know the challenges they have to face to live such a lifestyle. Moving through foreign lands, confronting people with unfamiliar customs and mindset, and dealing with queerest of laws is a challenging task in itself. Seafarers have to go through all these, willingly or unwillingly, in order to reach to their ships or homes.

In order to thus ensure safety and security to the lives of seafarers, we have made a handy tool – A Complete Guide to Travel Safety for Seafarers, which features safety guidelines, helpful travelling tips, travel checklists, and  important recommendations specially drafted for seafarers and shipping companies.

Safety and security of seafarers travelling through various countries around the world is a matter of prime importance. Several unfortunate cases in the past include kidnapping, robbery, physical assault, and even killing of seafarers. People from different parts of the world have different approaches towards life and might follow social norms which can be starkly dissimilar from those found in rest of the world. All of these factors, including several others, pose an unknown threat to the lives of seafarers, who might not be aware of the ‘looming’ dangers.

A Guide to Travel Safety and Security for Seafarers is a handy tool for all those seafarers who believe that smart and secure travelling is the key to personal safety. A new place with new laws and people can pose several types of threats even for those having years of travelling experience. Knowing the intricacies and basic necessary details for travelling to unknown places surely helps in reducing the level of threat to seafarers.

Frequent traveler such as seafarers would often have questions such as

  • What are the types of risks I can face while traveling?
  • What should the “journey planning” comprise of?
  • What are the safety precautions I need to take?
  • Is travel insurance necessary?
  • What should I do to avoid difficulties due to luggage misplace?
  • How to assess travel risks?
  • What documents required to be carried along while travelling?
  • Should I carry cash or credit card?
  • How much cash should I carry?
  • What to do and whom to contact in case of an emergency situation?
  • What type of hotels should I stay in foreign lands?
  • What are the legal issues I have to consider while travelling internationally?
  • What are the basic precautions I must take to prevent myself from landing in any kind of trouble?

The above mentioned questions are some of the main ones that bother shipping professionals who travel frequently. The Guide to Travel Safety and Security for Seafarers answers all these questions and many more.

The eBook also comes with FREE Travel Checklists for Seafarers

As mariners, we know the difficulties seafarers have to go through while travelling. We are also aware of the threats that they face or can encounter is countries with different laws and traditions. This guide is therefore an indispensable tool for all seafarers and frequent travelers.

What mariners are saying about this eBook?

mohitWhile I am travelling abroad, I always try to remember that my family members are waiting for me back at home. More than often I have to pinch myself while traveling to get me back from my “careless attitude” to a more alert state. This guide helps me a lot in keeping a close eye on the things that are important for my personal safety and security while traveling.
– Mohit Kaushik, Third Engineer, Maersk Line

mohitDuring my early days of merchant navy, I always used to have this apprehension of the way I will be treated in foreign countries. A underlying nervousness was always there at the back of the mind while traveling. I wish I had this guide with me back then. This eBook helps me remember things which I often forget while traveling, still! – Rishab Joshi, Third Engineer, GMC

anishBeing a second engineer in merchant navy, I have to frequently travel to new regions in never before visited countries. Though the surroundings of all most all regions seem friendly, I am aware of the fact there are unknown threat looming around. I know it’s my own responsibility to stay alert in order to prevent myself from landing in any kind of trouble. This guide has been extremely useful in helping me to do so. – Anish Wankhede, Second Engineer, MSC

anilsFrequent traveler or infrequent traveler, seafarer or just a normal wanderer, this guide is important for those who want to ensure their personal safety while traveling to new lands. It’s like the ultimate guide to safety precautions necessary for travelling, both national and international.– Anil Samotra, Second Engineer, V-Ships

  • Instant Digital Download
  • Guaranteed for 30 days
  • Pay by PayPal or Credit Card

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travel safety

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